Announce – Vendor System

Are you a 3D Artist looking for more exposure for your 3d assets on sale? Now you can use our store to sell your products! we have just implemented a vendor system in wich you can use our platform to sell your 3D assets, as easy as it sounds!


What do you need to start selling with us? First of all, you must get in touch with us to set up your account to be able to upload (or redirect to your link product)

All the models must be approved in order to appear in the shop section, because we want to offer the best quality possible, so, the most important things are listed below:

  • You must have the rights to sell the asset.
  • The asset must be provided to revision, our you can submit a video where you showcase topology, UV optimization, good maps and everything related to quality and good practices.
  • In some assets we provide the PSD maps, so we encourage you to keep the more organized as possible for a better customer understanding and customization.
  • We offer both, Blend File Package and Unity Package, so if possible we encourage you to do the same (see image below) or even better are more packages like Unreal Packages, etc. Also we include some other standard 3d files, just in case our customers need to open in a different package, so in this way we avoid the need to install any other software they do not need.rar_package
  • Include a “readme.txt” file to explain anything to customers, this readme file usually is the same description in the product showcase.
  • A video demonstration in the product showcase would be great!
  • We at CGTrain and 3DMondra as well (our first vendor!) offer 3d assets for games (low poly assets) but we are planning to offer high detailed models too, so if you are a “High polygon master” modeller, you are welcome!


And here is some FAQ, please feel free to ask if you need to know more.

1.- How much does it cost to sell in your store?

When you become a vendor 95% of your sales are for you, and the other 5% will be destinated to help to maintain this site.

2.- Do I have to upload my model?

Model upload is avaliable, but if you want to host your own models and just set up the file to your product link (secured with Force Download and/or X-Accel-Redirect/X-Sendfile to protect files), in this way you can update your models more easy.

3.- Can I have my products in more shops?

That’s for sure!

4.- How can I decide  for how much can I sell my asset?

We can help you to decide how much is worth your asset, just keep in mind that the asset will have a non exclusive license, wich means that you can sell the asset as many times as you want, so we usually decide to offer a simple asset in $2 or more (maybe $4) and fore more elaborated assets $5 or more. But at the end you will decided how much.

5.- Before I decide, I would like to know more about CGTrain. Where can I read more?

Click in this button to go our [button link=””]History Section[/button]

Want to know more? [button link=””]Contact us![/button]




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