Floor Cabinet


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Product Description

Floor Wooden Cabinet ready to be used in your house/residence scene or any other themed scenario you might be working on. This asset is a must in your luxury environment/living room.

This asset is ready to be used in Unity and the Blender Game Engine, just import the asset and you are ready to go. If you need this asset in a different game engine just use the included DAE and FBX files to import into your prefered engine.

Object statistics:

  • 137 faces, 258 tris
  • Textures (source resolution) 2048X2048, in-engine resolution to be determined by the final user.

Package contains:

  • Blend file and Unity Package
  • Textures (Dif, Nor, Spec) in PNG format, and a Difuse TGA file with Specular in alpha channel, 2048X2048 resolution.
  • OBJ and FBX and DAE files, in case you need to import and edit in a different 3D editor package.

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