• Who is behind CGTrain?

We are a group of experienced former 3d artist , which are currently working in some educational game projects as well as personal game projects. We have experience working in professional game titles like Area 51 Black Site, Star Wars The Old Republic, Wheelman and others.

  • Why should I buy 3d assets from you?

There are a lot of 3d models store over the internet but we are confident about the high quality models that we offer here, and if you give us the opportunity, we both would be benefited for it.

There are several free models you can get from here so you can see and decide before buy something.

  • What is included in my purchase?

All the packages (RAR file) include both, Blend file,  Unity package  as well as the FBX and OBJ files. In some cases the blend files include both the High polygon model and the low polygon model.

We added a few dollar extra cost compared to the Unity Asset Store (find us there too!) because here we include the source files, and in some cases we also include the PSD

  • What about the payment method?

For our customer safety, we decided to implement PayPal because is one of the easiest and more reliable payment methods.

  • Is there a way to refund if I don’t like what I get?

If you don’t like what you bought just send a email (support area) for either,  to return your money or make your suggested modifications.

Also with PayPal you can get a full refund with your purchases.

  • Can I make a model request?

This might depend of your needs, but we invite you to contact us to talk more about it and see in wich way we can manage that.

  • I see different “brands” in the shop area, what does that mean?

This is because also other people (vendors) can use our platform to sell 3d assets.

  • Can I  become a vendor to publish my own models for sale in your store?

Sure! It would be good if you wanted to do business with us, you can do it by singning up in the site and upon the registration you can select “Apply for Vendor” and that’s all. Feel free to contact us if more details needed.

  • How much does it cost to sell in the CGTrain store?

Almost every 3D asset store takes 30%  off your sales (wich means 70% from your sales are yours). When you become a vendor here in CGTrain 95% of your sales are for you, and the other 5% will be destinated to help to maintain this site.

Also whenever you make some money by selling assets here, it will be transfered to your paypal instantly.

  • Do I have to upload my model?

Model upload is avaliable, but if you want to host your own models and just set up the product page with your link (our site provides Force Download and/or X-Accel-Redirect/X-Sendfile to protect files) would be great, in this way, for example, if you use DropBox (or any other like OwnCloud) you can put all your files there, and when you add a new product, you just put the product link when publishing a new asset.

Also take into account that our slogan is “Quality 3D Assets” so that means every submission will be reviewed to ensure it is a great quality asset. If there is something that we think would be great to modify/improve, we will notify you so you can check your asset and make the modifications.

  • Can I have my products in more shops?


  • How can I decide  for how much can I sell my asset?

We can help you to decide how much is worth your asset, just keep in mind that the asset will have a non exclusive license, wich means that you can sell the asset as many times as you want, so we usually decide to offer a simple asset in $2 or more (maybe $4) and fore more elaborated assets $5 or more. But at the end you will decided how much.

  • Before I decide, I would like to know more about CGTrain. Where can I read more?

Click here to know more about us

  • Are you open to collaborate with independent game productions?

Yes, we are always open to collaborate with independent game developers. Please contact us to see in wich way we can work together in your game project.

  • What about your training services?

Our training services are only avaliable (for now) locally. So if you are interested in know more, please read more here.

Have more questions? feel free to contact us with your inquiries, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.